Mike Baur: The Swiss Genius

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur; he is the chief executive officer and the managing director of Swiss Startup Factory where he is also a co-founder with his two other partners. Mike went to the University of Rochester where he attained MBA, and subsequently, he achieved executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike has been in Swiss private banking for over 20 years where he has gathered incredible amount of experience in financial industry.


Mike has worked in various financial industries rising from a commercial apprentice all the way up to an executive board member of the largest Swiss private banks. Some of the institution he served includes UBS and Clariden Lieu.


Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 at the age of 39, with his two associates Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. Swiss Startup Factory is currently the largest independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator.


The Swiss startup Factory was driven by the need to develop and provide global facilities that disrupt the popular products, norms, and business strategies. The company, therefore, offers a three-month program that helps assist early stage startups with financing, mentoring, coaching, services, office space and also the provision of access to vast and complex entrepreneurial and investor network.


The factory makes bold moves and claims which they strive to meet and achieve. Swiss startup factory offers 360 degrees services to emerging startups companies. The team offers tailored services to get ideas of an individual, or a startup started. A fully complete accelerator program from a- z to help a company from the point of departure till they bring their product to the market. The group also offers customized services that enable mature startups to thrive and grow.


The company has also partnered with the best academic institutions in Switzerland to support individuals with exceptional and extraordinary talents. It is a pre-accelerator program that offers a couple of services such as coaching, product development, and professionally taught pitch training among other services.


Mike played a significant role as a jury at a startup pitching contest during startup Summiteer that took place at the University of St. Gallen. 1n 2016 Swiss startup partnered with CTI and Mike was named as Managing Director of CTI. In Feb 2016 the factory also partnered with Fintech Fusion.

InnovaCare Health CEO Richard Shinto Names More Executive Members Including Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health has been serving hundreds of thousands of individuals within North America and Puerto Rico for years now with their top-quality medical plans which have provided financial compensations to a lot of patients. InnovaCare company has three programs in the latter country – Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Provider Networks – and they have since been taking part in improving the well-being of the locals through various institutions.

The good points of InnovaCare, however, will not be apparent to Medicare and Medicaid users if not for the diligence of the strong figures managing it.

Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA

Dr. Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at the University of California – Irvine, a Doctorate in Medicine at the State University of New York, a Master of Business Administration at the University of Redlands. Before he led the healthcare institution, the CEO practiced internal medicine in Southern California and was a part of diverse medical-related companies afterward. In particular, Rick Shinto became MedPartner’s Corporate Vice President for Medical Management, and Chief Medical Officer in Cal Optima Health Plan and in NAMM California, consecutively. He held the President and CEO positions as well in Aveta, Inc. prior to moving to InnovaCare after the former’s closure.

View: https://www.mso-pr.com/noticias/MMMH-PRD-MIS-392-081114-E Fotocalce MP.PDF

At present, Dr. Richard Shinto leads the Health Plans of the company in Puerto Rico.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides became the Chief Administrative Offier of InnovaCare in June 2015. Similar to Shinto, she has an impressive educational background too. Her Bachelor’s from Binghamton University focused on classical languages and biological sciences, while her Master’s degrees from Columbia University School of Public Health and New York University gave her great knowledge about public health and social work, respectively. Penelope Kokkinides also received a Post-Master’s degree for alcohol and substance abuse from the latter.

In her over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Penelope was Centerlight Healthcare’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Touchstone Health’s COO, and AmeriChoice’s Corporate Vice President in the Care and Disease Management divisions.

New Executives

According to hrmronline.com, the company appointed two other individuals aside from Penelope Kokkinides as the new executives of InnovaCare Health, Inc. The job of the Chief Actuary Officer landed to Jonathan Myers, and Mike Sortino came to be the Chief Accounting Officer.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160728006039/en/InnovaCare-Health-Announces-Additions-Leadership

Market Leaders Nationwide Title Clearing Set For Greater Heights

Founded in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing is the nation’s top service provider to mortgage industry. The firm gives post-closing services to the most of the country’s biggest mortgage lenders, investors and servicers. Their expertise in delivering high level accuracy mortgage-related documents makes NTC popular among clients countrywide. Currently, NTC has papers recorded in more than 3600 county jurisdictions around the country. The firm also conducts research on land records in the country so as as to retrieve information for its clients.

The award winning firm was recently ranked among the top places to work in by Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces. In an article published in http://www.topworkplaces.com/frontend.php/regional-list/company/tampabay/nationwide-title-cle, Tampa Bay Times Top Workplaces described NTC as a leader in service provision and recognize the company’s dedication in helping to maintain land records current while at the same time ensuring compliance to state statutes that help protect borrowers. However, it is not just the millions of customers served by NTC that are satisfied, the firm keeps its staff happy by creating a conducive working environment and providing such incentives as luxury vacation getaways. Each month, the most hardworking and productive member of staff receives recognition from the firm and is published on the company’s website.

In order to serve their clients better and faster, NTC recently unveiled a new Assignment Verification Report (AVR). Dubbed the AVXpress, this new version of the company’s AVR is streamlined and offers quicker and less-costly service to the clients, while still maintaining high research quality. An AVX report, according to NTC, is similar in content with an AVR report, without the keyed in report. The company’s CEO John Hillman, who recently appeared on the Brand Focus industry podcast, says that AVX is a direct result of the firm to provide the product and services that meet the needs of the clients.

Over the course of its 25 years of operation, NTC has focused on intensive training in order to equip staff with the latest information and skills so as to meet the needs of its clients. Under the direction of Shawn Sorensen, who is the Vice President of Quality, NTC uses extraordinary training measures to make expert staff and end up with satisfied customers. One of these measures is the company’s two day training program which helps expand the company’s research professionals. As a result of NTC’s commitment to training, NTC increased the number of its staff by 29% in less since April 2015.

NTC’s enthusiasm with IT led to a revamp of their website that makes it possible for clients to order for products and services online.

To keep in step with the latest events in the mortgage industry, NTC is a regular participant of the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Annual Convention and Expo.




Sales and Marketing Growth Made Easy By Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing executive who currently works as the senior vice president and Chief Merchandising Officer for a company that is based in Chicago, Illinois. The institution, known as True Value Hardware Corporation has done very well under the leadership of Goodgame.

True Value Corporation is considered to be one of the biggest member –owned cooperative in the globe. At the moment, True Value is found in fifty-eight nations around the world, and more than four thousand retail locations in the United States.

According to Spokeo, Kenneth Goodgame joined the institution after working for Ace Hardware Corporation for several years. He was appointed to the chief merchandising position in the year 2013, replacing Mike Clark. Mike Clark had decided to retire from the demanding position, and the top management thought that Kenneth was the best choice.

Kenneth was appointed to the demanding position immediately after True Value Hardware announced that it was planning to restructure the international distribution network, supply chain and logistics. The company had also announced that would hire three new executives to help in the new plans. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: https://angel.co/kenneth-goodgame

Goodgame was appointed to the top position for several reasons. He was one of the most qualified candidates, having gone to one of the best colleges in the country. At the University, Kenneth Goodgame specialized in Finance and Marketing, and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In the year 1999, Kenneth Goodgame was hired to work as the Director for Proprietary brands. At this company, the successful merchandising expert managed to complete a nationwide transaction with John Deere. This was one of the most crucial achievements from the institution because it was one of a kind.

Kenneth was also given an opportunity to work at some successful ventures such as Home Depot and Rubber Maid. He earned his fame while working at the Ace Hardware Corporation because of his prowess as the general merchandising manager.

At his current position at the True Value Hardware and Corporation, Kenneth is responsible for several activities. He has led several groups to make the comprehensive strategic plan from the company a success. This program has already started to deliver long-term growth.

Most of the time, the successful marketing officer is responsible for private labels, international sourcing, print advertising, merchandising, category management and commercialization. Kenneth Goodgame has also been in charge of rebuilding the merchandising team at the company and re-engineering the acquisition of new talents.

Apart from being successful in his career, Kenneth Goodgame invests his time in the community and helping people from different parts of the globe. He is always involved in several non-profit making organizations and projects. At his free time, he loves analyzing and predicting the shifts in the market. He also tries to make people understand the reasons the markets are changing and what investors should do to cope with the changes.