FreedomPop Is Proud To Offer Free Cell Phone Service And Internet Service

Taking a good look at a FreedomPop review for 2016 can give anyone all kinds of information, especially if they are particularly interested in a cell phone plan. There are many plans that FreedomPop has available for smartphones, home Internet service, portable hotspots, and Wi-Fi service. Beginning with the cell phone service, choose from the three basic plans, which include the free plan, the paid plan, and the unlimited everything plan. The first plan is free of charge and is available to any income level for one year until they choose to upgrade their plan or cancel it.


The free plan will come with an automatic top up on data that costs $10, but turning off the automatic top up will avoid this additional charge. Since the free plan has a limit of 500 MB of data, any user that feels they don’t have enough data should complete a FreedomPop offer of any kind to gain additional data for their monthly service plan. The free plan also comes with 200 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages, but those who can make calls over Wi-Fi can always get additional talk time if their smartphone allows it.


Those getting the paid plan will pay $10.99 per month for unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data. Complete FreedomPop offers to get free data for this service plan too. Those getting the unlimited everything plan will pay $19.99 for the plan that has no limit to anything, even the data. With the data being at 3G speeds, there is 1 GB of 4G LTE data that’s added to the plan, but it slows to 3G speeds once it’s depleted. Those with any Internet plan from FreedomPop can save money as well, especially with the Wi-Fi service plan.


The Wi-Fi plan costs five dollars each month and is great for anyone who thinks it would be better that they use Wi-Fi service to make phone calls, send text messages, and to use the Internet on their phone. The Wi-Fi service is also connectable through different devices and over 10 million hotspots in many places across the USA.