Highland Capital Leading in Lending Investment Capital

Highland capital management is a registered SEC investment adviser that has over $ 10 billion of assets and its net worth above $2 billon. It is one of the most experienced and largest global credit managers which was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero.

They were both the founders of Dallas Foundation and also the presidents of Highland Capital Management. The founders are renowned personnel for their various enterprises across the globe. Highland majors in credit services which include the collateralized loan obligations and the hedge funds.

Highland attracts clients across the board stretching from the individuals interested in pension schemes to individuals in need of quick capital. Other parties served by Highland Capital include the corporates and high net worth people.

Highland Capital Management is aware of the social lives of its workers and customers and has invested majorly in community matters through volunteerism, nonprofit national and local programs as well as financial donations.

This is one of the leading company’s agenda as the president’s primary goal is to give back to the community enhancing corporate social responsibility.

In 2016, according to George, the chief investment officer, the company made profitable and impressive investments in the pipeline industry after oil prices declined. This, according to him, earned the company half of its total return last year.

George also noted that they have engaged in several other businesses such as the real estate where they have partnered with NexPoint Residential Trust Inc., NXRT, -0.20% managed by Highlands. Highland investors have also chosen small cap Equity Fund manned by the assets management.

This fund has been of great help to the company and its clients especially after it was taken over by Dondero and George in July 2015.