Norman Pattiz Announces Results on the Relationship between Podcast Advertisement and Shopper Behavior in the Market

The executive chairman and Tom Webster who is the VP strategist at Edison Research published the findings of a continued series of detailed studies focusing on the results of marketing tests with five big national brands across different categories and products. This being the first ever research of before and after campaign name done for Podcast showed how important the advertising was for various brands.

Key results from the search included

A particular grocery brand post campaign was mentioned by over 60% of listeners which was way higher than the 7% among audiences during the pre-study.

The product awareness that was not aided rose from by 47% from the pre-study to the post-study for a product based on finance, the automobile aftermarket product was 37%, and the product for a lawn and garden was 24%.

Over one-third of the users had an excellent opinion towards an automobile aftermarket product in the post study. This was up from 18% in pre-study. 22% of respondents said they would likely use a lawn and a garden product.

This too was up from the 16% in the pre-study.A specific marketing message for vehicles aftermarket product in the post study increased by 60% compared to the awareness in the pre-study. For a dining restaurant that’s casual, rose to 76%.

Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, a company that under his great leadership grew to become America’s biggest radio broadcasting on news, sports, and entertainment, talk and traffic programs. Westwood One owned and managed some networks that include; NBC Radio, CBS News, CNN Radio, the Mutual Broadcasting system, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, Super Bowl and both winter and summer Olympic Games.

Mr. Pattiz was appointed by President Clifton in 2000 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the USA. President Bush again reappointed him to the same Board in 2002.

The primary role of the BBG is to oversee all nonmilitary broadcasting services in the US, and these include; “The Voice of America,” “Radio Free Europe,” “Middle East Broadcasting” and many others. He is credited with convincing and starting radio and television services in all of the 22 Arabic speaking nations of the Middle East. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

He also was in the forefront in the establishment Farsi language spoken in Iran.The radio has over 40 million.Besides his broadcasting background, Mr. Pattiz is the regent of the University of California where he serves the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories.

Mr. Pattiz was included in the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009on top of receiving the Giants of Broadcasting Award presented to him from the University of American Broadcasting.

How Doe Deere Has Built Her Lime Crime Empire

For fans of the incredibly unique cosmetics brand Lime Crime, it comes as no surprise that CEO and founder Doe Deere has used some unconventional methods to turn the brand into the success that it is today. Her strong business savvy combined with a completely one-of-a-kind aesthetic vision has turned Lime Crime into a leading cosmetics brand within less than ten years of its launch.


Back when Deere was just another wannabe rock star on the streets of New York City, she was attracted to all things bright, glittery and bold. As a performer, Deere always made sure that she was dressed up in attention-grabbing outfits paired with fearless neon makeup.


Modeling the clothes herself, Deere quickly realized that she couldn’t find makeup that was bold enough to fit her fashion aesthetic. Ambitiously, she decided to launch a cosmetics brand that would cater to those who yearn for bright and glittery makeup. Lime Crime opened its e-commerce doors in 2008.


Today, Lime Crime is incredibly popular among millennials. Items like the Velvetines lipsticks and Diamond Crushers glosses feature highly pigmented colors and unique finishes and come in super bright and kitschy packaging. This aesthetic, created by Deere ten years ago, has become the look of the millennial generation.


As the CEO of an enormous cosmetics company, Doe Deere takes the role of being a boss very seriously. While most in her position believe in a hierarchy of power, Deere approaches her job differently. She prides herself on being accessible to her employees and encouraging healthy communication. This attitude, Deere believes, encourages a healthy and happy work environment in which every employee feels that they are part of a team.


As the CEO of Lime Crime, Deere makes sure that she is heavily involved in every single aspect of the business. When new products are being tested in the lab, she’s there every step of the way. If a product isn’t exactly to her liking, it’s tweaked over and over again until she is proud to put her name on it.


Additionally, Deere refuses to create a product that she wouldn’t use herself. She’s deeply committed to her extremely unique aesthetic and won’t sacrifice her artistic integrity by copying trends in order to make sales.


Thanks to Deere’s devotion to her brand and her creative vision, millennials have discovered new ways to express themselves with makeup and extraordinarily bold color.


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Julie Zuckerberg: The Best Executive Talent Recruiter Your Company Needs

A New York-based professional recruiter; Julie Zuckerberg is a high-flying, expert who works for Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruitment Lead and Talent Acquisition head. After her studies, and equipped with an honors degree in Law from New York Law School; and another degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College – a branch of The University of New York, she embarked on her career in the Department of candidate placement as a director in Hudson. During her work brief at Hudson which lasted for five years, Julie helped scout for and hire talented attorneys, paralegals, managers, and even support staff. She successfully provided job briefings, their prospects, details, and guidelines as occasion demanded. Having a background in law made her a competent liaison between the management and employees of the firm.



In 2007, she moved on from Hudson and landed a position at Citi Global Consumer Bank as Executive Recruiter, also in New York. Apart from giving insightful leads about competitive marketing with planning ideas that were actionable, she also gave advice on several strategies for recruitment; and she introduced new ideas about acquiring talents that made the company able to keep ahead of the competition. As a competent global talent scout, she helped with the international relocation of expatriates and actively took part in the complex negotiation of immigration, buyouts, and equity negotiation. She adeptly helped source rare talent internationally.



The year 2017 saw her moving higher to executive level position for Citi Global Functions. The position she held at Citi Group gave her the requisite exposure to acquire deep insights into the process of recruitment in more tangible ways. By hiring right talent, she made the company highly productive. Julie has a wealth of knowledge, and she is quite skillful in matters of litigation, talent audit, recruitment and the management front. She again moved on and joined New York Life Insurance Company where her exemplary performance in recruitment strategies paid huge dividends. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg is at Deutsche Bank working as a negotiator, counselor, and talent recruiter. She also performs various responsibilities ranging from best practice in business management to recruitment strategies. Above all these, she is now a vice president.



She owes her success as a talent scout and recruiter to her determination, tenacity and vast experience in from holding various positions at top management levels. Her knowledge of both philosophy and law enables her to have a deep understanding of personal issues that might affect employees or cause friction between management and the lower level cadre of workers. Outside her official functions, as a private individual, Julie loves several hobbies such as photography, arts, athletics and knowledge in technology. She is also passionate about economic issues, human rights, the welfare of animals, and civil rights. Her interests in social media engagement include Twitter and Pinterest besides Facebook and Linkedin.


EOS Reigns in the Lip Balm Industry

EOS has become a $250 million dollar company. That is what has been reported by Fast Company. That is an amazing accomplishment for a company with a primary product that is less than 5 dollars. What this must mean is that the Evolution of Smooth is selling quite a bit of these lip balm containers.

The consumer that is interested in testing out multiple flavors can do so by getting an assortment of these flavors in a bundled pack. That is one way that EOS makes more than the $5 average that is the single contains cost. There is another way that this Walmart available brand is picking up steam, and that is through the concept of social media buzz and celebrity appeal.

Miley Cyrus is a fan of this brand. Kim Kardashian is a fan of this EOS lip balm brand. All of that makes it possible for the company to grow in a way that many people may have never even realized. This company certainly is growing faster than any one in leadership at Chapstick thought that it would. This was the former industry leader of lip balm, but that has changed in a way that people may have never thought of.

That is what EOS has provided. It has become the brand that represents a change in lip balm. People have said that this leadership role that this company has taken represents as shift in lip balm that is marked by social media appeal. EOS may have been the first to truly stand out in the social media world, and this is because of the celebrity factor. For more information, please visit

A Look At Arthur Becker’s Latest Luxury Property Development

While Arthur Becker to this point has been the quiet money behind some of New York City’s biggest condominium developments, he is putting his own name on a new, eight-unit luxury property development in Tribeca. The value of the finished building is projected to be $52.5 million.

Mr. Becker conducted an interview with The Real Deal. He called the building an “artisanal, boutique building” that he bought as he enjoys the surrounding area.  The sizes of each unit will range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and will be priced from $2,200 to $3,200 a square foot. Each will be priced between $5 million to $14,000 million (which will be the price of the penthouse). You can check out his Linkedin.

Arthur Becker bought the property in 2012 for $6.1 million. Additionally, he needed to buy the development rights from a neighbor in order to expand the building from five-stories to ten. Altogether, he has invested about $550 million into residential properties around New York. His biggest project was the Billionaire’s Row condominium tower at 111 West 57th Street. Sales for this building are on hold, however, as there isn’t currently enough demand to generate top dollar offers for the units in the building.

According to MadisonPartners, Arthur Becker made a great deal of his wealth in the technology sector. He was the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member for NaviSite which provides technology services to other corporations. He was also the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Zinio, LLC, which is the world’s largest provider of digital magazines.

Mr. Becker graduated from Bennington College with his bachelor’s and earned a business degree at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. His first job was moving 18th century houses in New England, and he has also manage a macadamia field in Hawaii.  Arthur Becker has had a lifelong interest in the arts and his work has been displayed at galleries in both New York and Palm Beach, Florida. For more info about Becker visit Crunchbase.

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$8.5 Million to be refunded to the Federal Government by MB2 Dental

The federal government has been losing a lot of money from people that make false insurance claims for medical and other cases. The latest of these cases that has been uncovered involves MB2 Dental and other 21 practices in Texas. The company has been ordered to make payments amounting to 8.5 million to the federal government as repayment for claims that were falsely made on pediatric insurance premiums.

The company was set up to coordinate the provision of dental services for many practices. Their services include but aren’t limited to making insurance claims and on behalf of the practices that are affiliated to them and generally making sure that business is running as it should.

The attorney who was in charge of the case stated that the claims were made between 2009 and 2014 and that it was after a series of investigations that the state realized the claims were not related to any dental services that had been rendered.

The lawyer confirmed that this was the first of the many steps that the company was making to ensure that taxpayers stopped losing money through fraudulent deals. Among the mistakes that the company had made was the use of wrong Medicaid provider numbers and also violations of the anti-kickback laws. Most of the claims that had been made by MB2 were related to the pediatric practice.

On top of the amount of money that was set out to be paid by the company to the state, there are certain people in the leadership of the company that will be expected to take up some personal liability in the case. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

These include Drs. Akhil Reddy, Christopher Villanueva, Trung Minh Tang, Mauricio Dardano, and Gabriel Shahwan. Each of these Doctors will be expected to pay a sum of $250,000

About Dr. Akhil Reddy

According to Indeed, before he joined the management board of MB2 Dental, Dr. Akhil Reddy was working as a dentist in Fort Worth Texas. He has close to a decade of experience in the field and has other practices in five other locations.

This is the background that gave him the opportunity to work at the board of the organization. According to White Pages, he says that it is an unfortunate misunderstanding that has happened with MB2 Denatal, but affirmed that the company was planning to make the repayment to show their goodwill.

He hoped that whatever mistakes had happened in the past would not be repeated in the near future.