Working To Support Oneself and Help Others Like Betsy DeVos

One thing that has a huge influence over how far one is going to go in her life is her motivation. If one is only working for herself, then she is probably going to only get so much work done compared to someone who is motivated to help others and give back to her community. Betsy DeVos is one of those people that have decided that she wants to give back to her community. However, her way of helping goes deeper than other forms of help. While people do try to get their feet wet with some form of philanthropy, Betsy makes sure that she is involved in something that is going to make a huge difference in the lives of people.

Betsy thought about what she was passionate about. She thought about what she can do for the community in order to build it. This is when she has decided that the best way she could help her community is by focusing on the school systems. One thing that she has seen is that the educational system is beginning to lose its usefulness. She has seen that the current system at the time was not as effective as it may have once been. Therefore, she has looked into ways to bring forth options that will make sure that children are getting the education they need.

Betsy DeVos has then decided to get into office so that she could influence the laws so that she can bring forth funding for schools. After all, she wants children to be able to go to safer schools. Not only do children get to learn in safer environments, parents can rest better knowing that their children are safe and presented with the best opportunities to change their world. Check this related article from

There are a lot of skills that the right schools can teach children that will translate well into their careers. Children will be able to grow up and live meaningful lives that could help build broken communities and heal the lives of children who are at risk. One thing about children from poor communities making a life for themselves is that it is inspiring. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Rick Shinto’s Leadership Team Creates Advancement for Innovacare Health and Quality Assurance

InnovaCare Health relies on a team of experienced professionals that have a broadening vision approach, for positioning the company towards greater stability and expansion. The executive leadership team sets the stage to gain further value and pivot its core values in the direction of providing great health care to Medicare Advantage members.

The clear vision of InnovaCare Health is within redefining what it means in the 21st century, for providing health care that is transparent in benefits, but also reduces waste and abuse of Medicare programs, which are designed to bridge a gap in a member’s coverage. Ultimately, the vision enables InnovaCare Health to forge ahead in an industry that is at a pivotal point, for change, and they continue to govern those programs which add to the health sector throughout North America.

InnovaCare Health is made up of two segments of health care in Puerto Rico. Both their, MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. provide care programs that are designed to support physical health as well as the emotional well-being of their benefit recipients. The two plans both are accredited with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). In order to receive NCQA accreditation, the plans must exceed the expectations of quality care, clinical performance and customer service. For more than two decades, NCQA accreditation has been the standard to assess a plans commitment, for providing quality experiences to their members. Read the company overview at Bloomberg.

The company’s leadership team is led by Rick Shinto as President and CEO. Rick has led the company since 2012 and has more than 20 years of clinical and operational health care knowledge. Prior to becoming CEO for InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was Chief Medical Director with Optima Health Plan. He is an award winning Entrepreneur, with the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.

Rick is supported by Penelope Kokkinides with her position as Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Penelope Kokkinides brought an array of government experience to InnovaCare Health and the leadership team. She’s previously served as COO and Vice President with Aveta Inc., and has a wealth of expertise in areas of health care infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience in government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, Penelope is a leading force in helping InnovaCare Health become highly-respected in the development of the company’s health care models and best practices, for reducing government resources.

InnovaCare Health and its leadership team have consistently out-performed with their Medicare Advantage programs while serving over 200,000 members and nearly an 8,000 network of providers. Visit their website at

Oncotarget- A Medical Journal Availing Scientific Results

Oncotarget is a journal that appreciates the interdependence of disciplines in the biomedical profession. The journal does not have a restricted access and as such researchers and science professionals can access the articles published. The materials on this journal are edited by two biomedical professionals: Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The publication of the material is done on a weekly basis.


Oncotarget is dedicated to disseminating scientific material and results of research. Once the results are verified, it follows that they are then published for all, in the scientific world, to access. The journal also publishes exceptional discoveries so that others can learn and make critical contributions.

At the heart of the journal is the desire to eliminate the barriers and limitations that exist between the many scientific specialties. Another of the aspirations the journal has is to bring together the many professionals in the biomedical field. Indeed, the journal also pushes for the application of fundamental clinical science to aid in the combating of diseases. The journal, under the leadership of established science professionals, helps researchers make scientific contributions to grow science. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

The Editorial Leadership

The materials sent to Oncotarget are edited by a team of editors led by Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Andrei is an authority in experimental and molecular biology. He is also versed in oncology. Andrei Gudkov went to Moscow State University where he excelled in these areas of science. Andrei is the Cleveland Biolabs co-founder and doubles as the principal scientific officer for the labs. Gudkov is also the founder of Tartis. His area of specialty is both in gene and drug research.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the other chief editor of the journal Oncotarget. He is an expert in cellular biology, but also has his share of expertise in molecular biology. He studies anti-cancer therapeutics, signal transduction, cell cycle and cellular senescence. Mikhail is also Cell Cycle’s Editor-in- Chief.

Guideline for Authors

Writers, making submissions to Oncotarget, have to bear in mind that the journal is especially interested in cancer research. It is also interested in material on oncology. Since cancer is dynamic in nature, the journal also publishes articles on age-related diseases, physiology, immunology endocrinology and pathology. Check Oncotarget journal at

Musician Turned Girl Boss: Doe Deere

Russian native, Doe Deere, is the sparkling creator of the well-known cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. Deere moved to New York when she was 17 years old and stayed there until 2012. When Deere, known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, moved to New York she pursued her dream of working as a musician. While performing in a band in New York she met her husband, and the two learned to function as great teammates. She also learned valuable lessons for running a business during this time. Doe attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, as she also enjoys fashion. She enjoyed being creative with her music and clothing, but realized there wasn’t much available on the market for her when it came to makeup. It seemed to her that everyone was into the “less is more” look, while she wanted to experiment with bright colors. And so, in 2008, Doe Deere began making her own cosmetics, and Lime Crime was born. It became successful when she realized that there were many other girls out there, like her, who were drawn to bright and daring lipstick colors. Today, the Queen of Unicorns encourages girls to follow their hearts. While it may sound cliche, she hopes that everyone will do the things they love and not settle for a life of anything less. Even if you feel alone, you aren’t. There are people out there feeling the same things you are, and it’s okay to speak up for what is in your heart. If you look at the Lime Crime website you’ll see this line, “Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up. If we aren’t obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!” And that pretty much sums up Doe. She is a fiery trendsetter, following the things that make her happy. To top it all off, Lime Crime is vegan and cruelty free so you don’t have to feel guilty about your purchase! The message of Lime Crime is simple: be yourself, follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Doe currently resides in sunny Los Angeles and continues to make cosmetics for free spirits like her.


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George Soros Slams President Trump

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has made it very clears that he does not like President Donald Trump. Soros has been a longtime contributor to Democratic candidates and organizations. But it is Trump who has seemed to energize Soros and bring him back to the forefront of US politics.

In a recent Forbes article, Soros stated that Trump was “doing the work of ISIS.” He went on to explain that Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Islam policies are playing into the hand of terrorist groups like ISIS.

Soros believes that ISIS will use these xenophobic policies to convince young Muslims that the West has declared war on them and the only remedy is to rage war on the US and Europe. Denying Muslims entry int the United States may cause many young Muslims to believe that “there is no alternative but terrorism,” Soros explained. Read more about George’s life story at

During the 2016 presidential campaign, George Soros contributed nearly $25 million to Super PACs that supported Hillary Clinton. He also backed many Democratic candidates and initiatives across the country.

His most notable victory was helping to unseat controversial Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff made a national name for himself by railing against illegal immigration and was a staunch supporter of Trump during the election cycle.

Soros’s opposition to Trump’s policies is not just political. Soros himself was once a refugee. He was born in Hungary and lived through the Nazi occupation during World War II. After that, he escaped Communist persecution and fled to England.

He attended the prestigious London School of Economics and began his professional life there. He quickly became one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world and continues to be listed as one of the richest men in the world.

Over the last few decades, he has become one of the most prolific philanthropists in the world. To date, he has given away more than $12 billion to charities around the globe. Through his Open Society Foundations, he continues to fight for democracy and human rights for all world citizens.

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CEO Timothy Armour Expresses Disagreement With Warren Buffett’s Advice

Timothy Armour, the Chairman and CEO of Los Angeles-based Capital Group Companies, has said that Warren Buffett’s longstanding advice is overlooking some things. Buffett has said that investors are better off avoiding actively managed funds and should instead buy an expensive passive fund that follows the S&P 500. Armour, on the other hand, thinks actively managed funds do play a role in people’s portfolios.

The argument that Timothy Armour has is that active versus passive is missing the point. There are actively managed funds that feature low fees. He also says that people shouldn’t settle for average returns and should instead seek out an active fund manager that can do better than market average on a consistent basis. The trick, Timothy Armour has said, is to find a low fee actively managed fund that has a reasonable amount of trade volume and also has the hedge fund managers own money in it.

Timothy Armour has been an equity investment manager for more than 30 years. He has spent his entire professional career at Capital Group Companies, starting in their The Associates Program. He graduated from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

In 2015, Timothy Armour was the leader in developing a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management. This agreement will bring Capital Group Companies experience in actively managed funds to South Korea.