Achievements of Daniel Taub as Israeli Ambassador to Britain

Daniel Taub served as the Israeli ambassador to Britain for four years before resigning in the summer of 2015. Being a British born Jew, he is one of the leading diplomats in the country. However, that never changed his beliefs as an Orthodox Jew, even for once.

After resigning, Daniel went back to Israel. It is hard not to note the big roles he played in improving the relationship between the two countries. Below are some of the things that the former ambassador will always be remembered for.

Doubling of Trade between Israeli and British

Just before he quit, it was noted that the trade between Israel and UK had doubled and so were the business, cultural, and academic ties between the two nations.

During Daniel’s time, the two nations entered the “golden era” with the Israel-Britain Chambers of Commerce reporting that over three hundred Israeli business operations were set up in Britain. The report further indicated that the annual bilateral trade between the two countries reached over $5.5 billion.

Promoted Unity of the Two Countries

In 2014, the then Bradford West MP George Galloway made a controversial comment stating that Bradford was an “Israel Free Zone”. This comment led to a social media outcry and Daniel Taub decided to pay a visit to the constituency, which he explained came after an invitation by the residents. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

From the visit, Taub noted that the community’s view on having Israeli’s businesses and products in the constituency was different from what Galloway had said.

He went ahead to praise the people for accepting to live together in harmony regardless of their faiths and backgrounds. He also asked the people to join hands with the government in trying to create a better future for everyone instead of trying to pull everyone to the past.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in Britain in 1962. Before he was elected the Israeli ambassador to Britain in 2011, he was once a peace negotiator. Daniel attended Oxford University, Harvard’s Kennedy University School of Government, and London University College.

In 1989 he moved to Israel where he joined the Israel Defense Force serving as a medic and international law division reserve officer.

After leaving the force in 1991, Daniel Taub joined the Israel Foreign Ministry where he held several diplomatic and legal posts.

In 2011 he was elected the ambassador of Israeli to Britain, a post he served for four years before quitting in 2015. Today, Daniel Taub works at the Yad Hanadiv foundation where he is the Director of Strategy and Planning.