$8.5 Million to be refunded to the Federal Government by MB2 Dental

The federal government has been losing a lot of money from people that make false insurance claims for medical and other cases. The latest of these cases that has been uncovered involves MB2 Dental and other 21 practices in Texas. The company has been ordered to make payments amounting to 8.5 million to the federal government as repayment for claims that were falsely made on pediatric insurance premiums.

The company was set up to coordinate the provision of dental services for many practices. Their services include but aren’t limited to making insurance claims and on behalf of the practices that are affiliated to them and generally making sure that business is running as it should.

The attorney who was in charge of the case stated that the claims were made between 2009 and 2014 and that it was after a series of investigations that the state realized the claims were not related to any dental services that had been rendered.

The lawyer confirmed that this was the first of the many steps that the company was making to ensure that taxpayers stopped losing money through fraudulent deals. Among the mistakes that the company had made was the use of wrong Medicaid provider numbers and also violations of the anti-kickback laws. Most of the claims that had been made by MB2 were related to the pediatric practice.

On top of the amount of money that was set out to be paid by the company to the state, there are certain people in the leadership of the company that will be expected to take up some personal liability in the case. Learn more about MB2 Dental: http://mb2dental.com/

These include Drs. Akhil Reddy, Christopher Villanueva, Trung Minh Tang, Mauricio Dardano, and Gabriel Shahwan. Each of these Doctors will be expected to pay a sum of $250,000

About Dr. Akhil Reddy

According to Indeed, before he joined the management board of MB2 Dental, Dr. Akhil Reddy was working as a dentist in Fort Worth Texas. He has close to a decade of experience in the field and has other practices in five other locations.

This is the background that gave him the opportunity to work at the board of the organization. According to White Pages, he says that it is an unfortunate misunderstanding that has happened with MB2 Denatal, but affirmed that the company was planning to make the repayment to show their goodwill.

He hoped that whatever mistakes had happened in the past would not be repeated in the near future.

The statement that Squaw Valley has given about upper mountain water quality

Not so long ago, there was a news item that was talking about the presence of E. coli in the water that is used by the occupants of the Squaw Valley Ski upper mountain. The company was quiet about the issue for a week, but they have finally come out to try and clarify things for their customers. The management of the company gave the following statement about the issue.

They stated that last October, there was a heavy downpour in the area, something that really affected the underground water system in a negative way. The company believes that during these rains some of the water that was being used by the resort got contaminated. They state that as soon as they realized there were issues with the water, they took measures to make sure that none of their clients had taken the same. The company then started looking for the help of experts in treating the water and making it edible. They have been offering alternative water to their clients since that time.

The company stated that there was no point during the entire ordeal that any of their clients has been exposed to contaminated water. They confirmed that the process of making sure that the water was getting cleaned up was still underway and that as soon as it was completed, they would make the water available for them. The areas of the company that have been most affected by the issue is High Camp and Gold Coast because it is this system that had been contaminated. They state that they are really concerned about the safety of their customers.

The company has organized the place in such a manner that all the guests that are being housed in the areas where the water is contaminated, they can access the water bought by the school. The company gave thanks to all the local authorities for the role they had played in ensuring that the child was treated before the contamination really ruined business for them. The company is optimistic that things will get better after this ordeal and that the customers will understand the hitch.

Jeremy Goldstein; The King Of Compensation Law

When the topic of compensation excellence is broached, Jeremy L. Goldstein does not fail to come up. Jeremy is a prolific New York lawyer who deals with executive compensation, and matters about the corporate administration.


He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC which handles a broad range of clients who include compensation panels, large size companies, and management staff. Jeremy was listed in the Legal 500 as one of the top lawyers in executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein attained his Juris Doctor from the renowned New York University School of Law. He also earned his M.S in Art History from the University of Chicago and a B.A from the Cornell University.


Jeremy worked as an associate at Shearman and Sterling LLP before heading out to start his firm. He also operates as the director of fountain house. This organization is committed to alleviating and helping people to cope with mental illness.


His professional success has significantly attributed to his selection to serve as the Chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition subsidiary committee which runs under the American Bar Association business sector. Over the last decade, Jeremy has also been part of important business transactions including Euronext in 2007 and the NYSE Group Inc. among many others.


The New York State Bar Association has been in existence since the 18th century. It runs as the largest bar associations with collaboration from the Lawyer Referral and Information. Together, they seek to avail a platform where individuals have access to experienced lawyers who offer a versatile range of services.


The platform has a database of over 72,000 professional lawyers on a voluntary basis whose credentials have been verified. The NYSBA most recently launched an online platform that provides the LRIS duties to the residents of New York, in partnership with a reputable referral management firm.


For more details visit http://jlgassociates.com/.


Jason Hope Predicts The Future Of Technology

This is the prediction of the future that most electronics and devices we use every day will communicate with each other much more than today. Some examples include kitchen appliances, lights in your home, and cars.

He writes about real time traffic optimization becoming a thing, for example bus routes will change according to construction and accidents. In cities, buses will become even more popular because they will become even more efficient.

Read more: Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

For now, smart appliances are simply more convenient than traditional ones, but Jason Hope predicts that in the years to come companies and manufacturers will focus more on integration with other devices you use every day all controlled within a few apps on your phone or other devices. Competition will only speed up the process, too.

Jason Hope acquired a degree in Finance and later an MBA at Arizona State University, and around the same time he created Jawa, a mobile communications company, later investing in other technology based companies, now he has a large portfolio of companies he makes money from.

For more information, just click here.

Bob Reina Knows What Giving Back Can Do

When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007, he did not start it for himself. He started it for the people. That says a lot about a person’s character and it says a lot about what they are made out of and what they stand for in their lives.

A lot of people start things for the wrong reason. Their only goal is money and that is it. They do not care how they get it, and enough is never enough for them. They become greedy and once they get a little bit of money, they want more and it becomes a horrible pattern.

Bob Reina started Talk Fusion in 2007 because he saw a need out there. Everyone knows how bad the economy got and how rough things were on people. A lot of people lost a lot of money and a lot of people were forced to take jobs they did not like.

They had a responsibility to their families and they had to have money to pay their bills. Deep down, however, they were incredibly unhappy. They were forced to work jobs that made them flat out miserable and made them hate their lives.

With Talk Fusion, people are loving life. A lot of people out there love the idea of working from home. However, for one reason or another, they talk themselves out of it. They just don’t think it can happen for them.

It is for other people in their minds. With Talk Fusion, they can see that it is for them and it is their life. They don’t have to live like this anymore.

This is just one of the many ways that Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have given back. Perhaps the greatest thing they have done is the record breaking donation they made to the Tampa Bay Humane Society, which saved the lives of so many animals. One would have to have to be pretty cynical not to be moved by that.

Bruce Levenson Seeks Justice for Breach of Contract

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, which formally owned Atlanta Hawks NBA, is in court tussles with New Hampshire Insurance Company along with the majority shareholder Bruce Levenson. The insurance company is being sued for breach of contract due to its failure to honor Danny’s settlement claims. Danny Ferry previously served as the general manager for AHBE.

In the lawsuit, AHBE alleges that the policy under which AIG insurance company insured them covered certain losses related to employment practices, which included Wrongful Termination, Workplace Torts among others. The court files indicate that AHBE informed AIG on April 2, 2015 about the claims Ferry stated; AHBE strongly holds that the policy claims were covered.

In addition, the lawsuit further requires the Insurance Company to pay 50 percent of the unpaid loss as penalty on top of attorney’s fees and costs.

Bruce Levenson has been successful in his business endeavors. In 1977, Levenson and his partner Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group (UCG), a publisher of Oil Express newsletter. Before establishing UCG, Mr. Levenson was a writer at Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He has also served as the director at TechTarget.com. Mr. Levenson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University, and a J.D. from American University. Read more on brucelevenson.com.

Bruce is a man with a big heart; he has donated generously to philanthropic organizations including Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He is not only a founding donor of the U.S. Holocaust Museum but also an active supporter of numerous Jewish causes. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/undergrads-and-graduate-students-mastering-philanthropy-300038081.html

Why Use Securus Technologies To Connect With Another? Read More To Find Out

Securus Technologies has been making quite a mark in the world of technological advancements. This specific program is quite innovative in its way and very useful as it has been incorporated into jails. It is a program that enables people to connect with one another from jail facilities to a location outside of the jail. It is mainly utilize by inmates to contact their friends or family member(s) back home as a way of conducting visitation, as opposed to having the visitor come visit them at the jail.


Traditional methods of visitation usually consist of visitors going to the jail facility within a specific waiting period in which they were finally able to connect with the individual they were visiting in the correctional facility. If you are unaware of exactly what you can do to contact the inmate that you have been wanting to connect with, please visit the Securus Technologies website to see whether the correctional facility your friend, family member, or significant other is in allows the utilization of this innovative tool. It is a chance for you to connect with your friend, family member, or significant other regardless of being unable to attend the jail in a form of physical visitation. By speaking to a customer service representative, you will be able to receive an adequate amount of guidance and instructions to get started on the process of signing up and connecting with the individual who is currently in the correctional facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the proper procedures of downloading and signing up for the program so that every aspect of the connection goes smoothly.


Highland Capital Leading in Lending Investment Capital

Highland capital management is a registered SEC investment adviser that has over $ 10 billion of assets and its net worth above $2 billon. It is one of the most experienced and largest global credit managers which was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero.

They were both the founders of Dallas Foundation and also the presidents of Highland Capital Management. The founders are renowned personnel for their various enterprises across the globe. Highland majors in credit services which include the collateralized loan obligations and the hedge funds.

Highland attracts clients across the board stretching from the individuals interested in pension schemes to individuals in need of quick capital. Other parties served by Highland Capital include the corporates and high net worth people.

Highland Capital Management is aware of the social lives of its workers and customers and has invested majorly in community matters through volunteerism, nonprofit national and local programs as well as financial donations.

This is one of the leading company’s agenda as the president’s primary goal is to give back to the community enhancing corporate social responsibility.

In 2016, according to George, the chief investment officer, the company made profitable and impressive investments in the pipeline industry after oil prices declined. This, according to him, earned the company half of its total return last year.

George also noted that they have engaged in several other businesses such as the real estate where they have partnered with NexPoint Residential Trust Inc., NXRT, -0.20% managed by Highlands. Highland investors have also chosen small cap Equity Fund manned by the assets management.

This fund has been of great help to the company and its clients especially after it was taken over by Dondero and George in July 2015.

Fabletics – Ruling the Athleisure Industry Reverse Showroom Technique

The recent years exhibit a growth in customer relationships to gain popularity by businesses while there appears to be a degeneration in the value of brands. This is because modern consumers do not only prefer high-value products to have dual characteristics of being affordable at a good price and reliable with high-quality performance. Modern consumers want more attributes like good customer handling, exclusive features and loyalty perks.



Fabletics and its Recognized Online Customer Management Program


Fabletics is one such company who has been able to identify the wants of the modern consumers and has reached success in catering to these desires. Fabletics implements its services mainly via an online subscription program to sell sportswear or athletic range of apparels. This had resulted in the success of Fabletics within the Fashion industry. The company had been able to evolve into a $250 million enterprise within only 3 years.


The Use of “Reverse Showroom Technique” by Fabletics


Fabletics has had a successful growth in consumer usage and popularity because it applied the “reverse showroom technique.” Showrooming is what the competing brands are suffering from that’s leading to their low consumer response. The showrooming act is when people cruise through all the products within the market and end up buying from the retailer who is offering the product at the cheapest rate. Fabletics had decided to turn this act around so that the customers browse through the products offered by Fabletics and end up buying those products from their retail stores. Using this strategy, Fabletics gains one-quarter of their browsing consumers as Fabletics members and between one-third and half of these consumers end up purchasing the products they had previously browsed online.



Fabletics is able to offer products at the lowest price in comparison to its competitors because it takes full advantage of its online engagement system performed with its consumers. They only stock and can undergo rapid changes in trends using the data obtained from users online. Additionally, users receive even greater benefits when they become members who receive discounts and other perks from the company. Furthermore, the company offers its consumers with convenience in browsing online that leads to quicker selections and purchases made by the user.



Fabletics – Revolutionizing Activewear


Fabletics was established in 2013 after a surprising deficiency in lavish, low-cost and conveniently accessible activewear was observed within the fashion industry. This company was Co-Founded by the acclaimed Hollywood star, Kate Hudson. Hudson was accompanied by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the Co-CEOs of JustFab Inc. during the establishment of Fabletics.



The shopping style for Fabletics is unique. The shoppers have to log onto the main site first and then participate in a pop quiz. The pop quiz reveals custom recommendations based on the answers of the shoppers. Then, shoppers can select the items they prefer and check out as a guest or a VIP member.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Central Texas Mobility Authority on Traffic Issues

Williamson County had a panel discussion at their 19th annual Growth Summit to discuss an incredibly important issue in the area, that of transportation challenges. The panel included representatives from both the public and private sector, including Mike Heiligenstein, chairman of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. The discussion was focused strongly on new transportation and mobility options that have been opened up by new technologies.


Heiligenstein and the Mobility Authority are responsible for transportation solutions in Williamson County, which would include the growing road system. Heilingenstein thus has several opinions about transit technologies, as well as the infrastructure of the past. He praised the last fifteen years of infrastructure growth by Williamson County, but pointed out that there is still massive population growth, requiring a continued investment in infrastructure.


Heilingenstein, while being a fan of the new technologies discussed in the panel, sees them as only part of the solution. With more people coming to the suburbs in Williamson County, the traffic infrastructure as a whole needs to be improved. He has a strong desire for more and smarter roads to handle the traffic coming into newly-developed areas.


One of the other panel members, a transportation-focused product designer, was a fan of autonomous cars, but pointed out that even with that new technology, the road infrastructure will be needed, as the cars will still need roads and driveways even if they are automatically controlled. Another point made was by an Uber represenative, which is that even with public transportation, commuters need the solutions from their home to the public transportation and back.


Overall, new technologies are seen by the panel as enhancements to the current system, rather than a silver bullet fixing all transportation woes. While technology will surely be a consideration as Williamson County increases its transportation infrastructure, traditional methods will still play a major role. More roads, smart roads will be part of the scene in Williamson County for a long time to come.


Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2016/12/15/transit-experts-offer-solutions-for-williamson.html