The statement that Squaw Valley has given about upper mountain water quality

Not so long ago, there was a news item that was talking about the presence of E. coli in the water that is used by the occupants of the Squaw Valley Ski upper mountain. The company was quiet about the issue for a week, but they have finally come out to try and clarify things for their customers. The management of the company gave the following statement about the issue.

They stated that last October, there was a heavy downpour in the area, something that really affected the underground water system in a negative way. The company believes that during these rains some of the water that was being used by the resort got contaminated. They state that as soon as they realized there were issues with the water, they took measures to make sure that none of their clients had taken the same. The company then started looking for the help of experts in treating the water and making it edible. They have been offering alternative water to their clients since that time.

The company stated that there was no point during the entire ordeal that any of their clients has been exposed to contaminated water. They confirmed that the process of making sure that the water was getting cleaned up was still underway and that as soon as it was completed, they would make the water available for them. The company has organized the place in such a manner that all the guests that are being housed in the areas where the water is contaminated, they can access the water bought by the school. The company gave thanks to all the local authorities for the role they had played in ensuring that the child was treated before the contamination really ruined business for them. The company is optimistic that things will get better after this ordeal and that the customers will understand the hitch.