Consumers Now Have Ability to Find Lawyers

Most people will need to hire a lawyer at some point in their life. Whether it is for a criminal or civil manner, having a lawyer will be very beneficial. One issue that many people have is that they have a hard time finding a lawyer when they need it. Fortunately, thanks to a new database, people in New York will have an easier time finding a lawyer than ever before.


Over the past few months, the New York State Bar Association’s has introduced the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. This system is an online database that has information about a huge selection of attorneys. When using the system, a consumer will be able to fill out an information form and will be then provided with a range of lawyers to choose from.


A consumer will be able to review the list of details and find someone that meets their needs. This can help to ensure that they are matched with an attorney that is located nearby, specializes in their area of need, and has an hourly rate that fits within the consumer’s personal budget.


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