Sales and Marketing Growth Made Easy By Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing executive who currently works as the senior vice president and Chief Merchandising Officer for a company that is based in Chicago, Illinois. The institution, known as True Value Hardware Corporation has done very well under the leadership of Goodgame.

True Value Corporation is considered to be one of the biggest member –owned cooperative in the globe. At the moment, True Value is found in fifty-eight nations around the world, and more than four thousand retail locations in the United States.

According to Spokeo, Kenneth Goodgame joined the institution after working for Ace Hardware Corporation for several years. He was appointed to the chief merchandising position in the year 2013, replacing Mike Clark. Mike Clark had decided to retire from the demanding position, and the top management thought that Kenneth was the best choice.

Kenneth was appointed to the demanding position immediately after True Value Hardware announced that it was planning to restructure the international distribution network, supply chain and logistics. The company had also announced that would hire three new executives to help in the new plans. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

Goodgame was appointed to the top position for several reasons. He was one of the most qualified candidates, having gone to one of the best colleges in the country. At the University, Kenneth Goodgame specialized in Finance and Marketing, and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree.

In the year 1999, Kenneth Goodgame was hired to work as the Director for Proprietary brands. At this company, the successful merchandising expert managed to complete a nationwide transaction with John Deere. This was one of the most crucial achievements from the institution because it was one of a kind.

Kenneth was also given an opportunity to work at some successful ventures such as Home Depot and Rubber Maid. He earned his fame while working at the Ace Hardware Corporation because of his prowess as the general merchandising manager.

At his current position at the True Value Hardware and Corporation, Kenneth is responsible for several activities. He has led several groups to make the comprehensive strategic plan from the company a success. This program has already started to deliver long-term growth.

Most of the time, the successful marketing officer is responsible for private labels, international sourcing, print advertising, merchandising, category management and commercialization. Kenneth Goodgame has also been in charge of rebuilding the merchandising team at the company and re-engineering the acquisition of new talents.

Apart from being successful in his career, Kenneth Goodgame invests his time in the community and helping people from different parts of the globe. He is always involved in several non-profit making organizations and projects. At his free time, he loves analyzing and predicting the shifts in the market. He also tries to make people understand the reasons the markets are changing and what investors should do to cope with the changes.