EOS Reigns in the Lip Balm Industry

EOS has become a $250 million dollar company. That is what has been reported by Fast Company. That is an amazing accomplishment for a company with a primary product that is less than 5 dollars. What this must mean is that the Evolution of Smooth is selling quite a bit of these lip balm containers.

The consumer that is interested in testing out multiple flavors can do so by getting an assortment of these flavors in a bundled pack. That is one way that EOS makes more than the $5 average that is the single contains cost. There is another way that this Walmart available brand is picking up steam, and that is through the concept of social media buzz and celebrity appeal.

Miley Cyrus is a fan of this brand. Kim Kardashian is a fan of this EOS lip balm brand. All of that makes it possible for the company to grow in a way that many people may have never even realized. This company certainly is growing faster than any one in leadership at Chapstick thought that it would. This was the former industry leader of lip balm, but that has changed in a way that people may have never thought of.

That is what EOS has provided. It has become the brand that represents a change in lip balm. People have said that this leadership role that this company has taken represents as shift in lip balm that is marked by social media appeal. EOS may have been the first to truly stand out in the social media world, and this is because of the celebrity factor. For more information, please visit evolutionofsmooth.com.