A Gift To Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is thrilled due to a donation that recently given to them. Mary McChesney, a recent professor at Orange Coast College, has donated one-million dollars to the college. This donation is given to build a new planetarium on school grounds. Mary McChesney decided to make this donation after hearing about the school’s bad financial situation. There were also rumors of the school shutting down. Mary taught at Orange Coast College for almost three decades before deciding to retire. Learn more: https://www.niche.com/colleges/orange-coast-college/


The school believes this new planetarium will bring many people, young and old alike. There will be a small fee to enter the planetarium. However, visitors will be able to use the latest science technology to observe stars and other planets. There will also be teachings of the stars and planets in the form of readings, videos, and public speakers. Orange Coast College is also hoping this new planetarium will cause their attendance to rise.


Orange Coast College is a school situated in Southern California. For a while, it was known as the school for people who dropped out of USC. However, it has recently become a strong alternative to USC. This is due to the low costs for tuition. Moreover, the student counseling department does its best to get every potential student enrolled as quick as possible. This means student counselors will take every avenue possible to get each student as much money as possible.


Orange Coast College has almost 30 different majors and minors. The college is equipped with full dorms and a great medical staff. There are also many sports teams now available to join as well as dozens of other extracurricular activities.

Visit here: http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu