Julie Zuckerberg: The Best Executive Talent Recruiter Your Company Needs

A New York-based professional recruiter; Julie Zuckerberg is a high-flying, expert who works for Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruitment Lead and Talent Acquisition head. After her studies, and equipped with an honors degree in Law from New York Law School; and another degree in Philosophy from Brooklyn College – a branch of The University of New York, she embarked on her career in the Department of candidate placement as a director in Hudson. During her work brief at Hudson which lasted for five years, Julie helped scout for and hire talented attorneys, paralegals, managers, and even support staff. She successfully provided job briefings, their prospects, details, and guidelines as occasion demanded. Having a background in law made her a competent liaison between the management and employees of the firm.



In 2007, she moved on from Hudson and landed a position at Citi Global Consumer Bank as Executive Recruiter, also in New York. Apart from giving insightful leads about competitive marketing with planning ideas that were actionable, she also gave advice on several strategies for recruitment; and she introduced new ideas about acquiring talents that made the company able to keep ahead of the competition. As a competent global talent scout, she helped with the international relocation of expatriates and actively took part in the complex negotiation of immigration, buyouts, and equity negotiation. She adeptly helped source rare talent internationally.



The year 2017 saw her moving higher to executive level position for Citi Global Functions. The position she held at Citi Group gave her the requisite exposure to acquire deep insights into the process of recruitment in more tangible ways. By hiring right talent, she made the company highly productive. Julie has a wealth of knowledge, and she is quite skillful in matters of litigation, talent audit, recruitment and the management front. She again moved on and joined New York Life Insurance Company where her exemplary performance in recruitment strategies paid huge dividends. Presently, Julie Zuckerberg is at Deutsche Bank working as a negotiator, counselor, and talent recruiter. She also performs various responsibilities ranging from best practice in business management to recruitment strategies. Above all these, she is now a vice president.



She owes her success as a talent scout and recruiter to her determination, tenacity and vast experience in from holding various positions at top management levels. Her knowledge of both philosophy and law enables her to have a deep understanding of personal issues that might affect employees or cause friction between management and the lower level cadre of workers. Outside her official functions, as a private individual, Julie loves several hobbies such as photography, arts, athletics and knowledge in technology. She is also passionate about economic issues, human rights, the welfare of animals, and civil rights. Her interests in social media engagement include Twitter and Pinterest besides Facebook and Linkedin.