How Doe Deere Has Built Her Lime Crime Empire

For fans of the incredibly unique cosmetics brand Lime Crime, it comes as no surprise that CEO and founder Doe Deere has used some unconventional methods to turn the brand into the success that it is today. Her strong business savvy combined with a completely one-of-a-kind aesthetic vision has turned Lime Crime into a leading cosmetics brand within less than ten years of its launch.


Back when Deere was just another wannabe rock star on the streets of New York City, she was attracted to all things bright, glittery and bold. As a performer, Deere always made sure that she was dressed up in attention-grabbing outfits paired with fearless neon makeup.


Modeling the clothes herself, Deere quickly realized that she couldn’t find makeup that was bold enough to fit her fashion aesthetic. Ambitiously, she decided to launch a cosmetics brand that would cater to those who yearn for bright and glittery makeup. Lime Crime opened its e-commerce doors in 2008.


Today, Lime Crime is incredibly popular among millennials. Items like the Velvetines lipsticks and Diamond Crushers glosses feature highly pigmented colors and unique finishes and come in super bright and kitschy packaging. This aesthetic, created by Deere ten years ago, has become the look of the millennial generation.


As the CEO of an enormous cosmetics company, Doe Deere takes the role of being a boss very seriously. While most in her position believe in a hierarchy of power, Deere approaches her job differently. She prides herself on being accessible to her employees and encouraging healthy communication. This attitude, Deere believes, encourages a healthy and happy work environment in which every employee feels that they are part of a team.


As the CEO of Lime Crime, Deere makes sure that she is heavily involved in every single aspect of the business. When new products are being tested in the lab, she’s there every step of the way. If a product isn’t exactly to her liking, it’s tweaked over and over again until she is proud to put her name on it.


Additionally, Deere refuses to create a product that she wouldn’t use herself. She’s deeply committed to her extremely unique aesthetic and won’t sacrifice her artistic integrity by copying trends in order to make sales.


Thanks to Deere’s devotion to her brand and her creative vision, millennials have discovered new ways to express themselves with makeup and extraordinarily bold color.


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