How Logan Stout Is Transforming Lives With IDLife

Logan Stout was born in Richardson, TX, and was raised in the same state. When he was still young, he loved sports especially baseball, he graduated from J.J. Pearce High School, which is located in, Richardson, TX. While still in high school, he was a Student member of the Athletic Council. He was given the name, Most Valuable Player (MVP) during his senior and junior basketball seasons. Stout was both basketball and varsity baseball player at the time he attended Pearce.

He went to Panola College, where he earned his business degree. He also studied at the University of Dallas and received a psychology degree. After finishing college, Stout became a professional baseball player at Fort Worth Cats. He worked at Dallas Baptist University as a coach and served as a minister for youths. He wrote the book “The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams,” which is meant to educate people through his life as an entrepreneur, coach, and college athlete, he inspires crowds of all ages.

Logan Stout has been mentioned or featured in many publications and online journals for his work and achievements. Newspaper articles, radio interviews, covers of the business magazine have all featured Stout with his encouraging words. He’s married with two kids. He is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and founder of Dallas Patriots, a baseball organization that’s one of the largest worldwide. He’s the founder and CEO of IDLife.

IDLife is a company for health and wellness offering customized nutrition to meet your goals. The ID means individually designed. The company takes your habits and history questionnaire and give you a nutritional supplement’s recommendation that will suit their individual needs. The IDLife product comes to the consumers directly from the manufacturer, with no expensive advertising campaigns, retailers, or wholesalers.

You just have to recommend the IDLife product to the people you know, and you keep the profit margin. IDLife was launched in the year 2014, and It has already earned itself a spot on the top 100 ranks of the Top MLM Companies worldwide. When you pick the product, you feel and see the difference for yourself.