Musician Turned Girl Boss: Doe Deere

Russian native, Doe Deere, is the sparkling creator of the well-known cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. Deere moved to New York when she was 17 years old and stayed there until 2012. When Deere, known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, moved to New York she pursued her dream of working as a musician. While performing in a band in New York she met her husband, and the two learned to function as great teammates. She also learned valuable lessons for running a business during this time. Doe attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, as she also enjoys fashion. She enjoyed being creative with her music and clothing, but realized there wasn’t much available on the market for her when it came to makeup. It seemed to her that everyone was into the “less is more” look, while she wanted to experiment with bright colors. And so, in 2008, Doe Deere began making her own cosmetics, and Lime Crime was born. It became successful when she realized that there were many other girls out there, like her, who were drawn to bright and daring lipstick colors. Today, the Queen of Unicorns encourages girls to follow their hearts. While it may sound cliche, she hopes that everyone will do the things they love and not settle for a life of anything less. Even if you feel alone, you aren’t. There are people out there feeling the same things you are, and it’s okay to speak up for what is in your heart. If you look at the Lime Crime website you’ll see this line, “Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up. If we aren’t obsessed with it, we just won’t make it!” And that pretty much sums up Doe. She is a fiery trendsetter, following the things that make her happy. To top it all off, Lime Crime is vegan and cruelty free so you don’t have to feel guilty about your purchase! The message of Lime Crime is simple: be yourself, follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Doe currently resides in sunny Los Angeles and continues to make cosmetics for free spirits like her.


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