Dr. Scott Rocklage has achieved a great milestone in his health management career and in business. He is truly an inspiration to those in the biochemical research industries and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Currently, he is the managing partner at 5 AM Ventures. The sixty-one-year-old Boston based doctor is an impressive academician with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. Scott received the received from the University of California and a doctor of philosophy degree in chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of technology.

His Achievements

In addition, to heading 5 AM Ventures, he also serves as the chairman of the numerous boards including the board of; Achaogen, Relypas, Semprus, Kinestral, Cidara and Rennovia therapeutics. He also sits on different boards and has served as CEO and chairman of various companies including; Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Miikana and Ilypsa and Nycomed Salutar among others.

Due to Dr. Rocklage vast experience in healthcare management and strategic leadership he has been part of the approval of three drugs in the U.S by FDA namely; Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. He has also entered many drug candidates into clinical trials. He has invented, and co invented more than thirty patents and has more than a hundred peer reviewed publications.

5AM Ventures

His company, 5 AM Ventures name, was coined from the fact that it helps businesses in their early stages of formation.

The firm is based on life science management and Dr. Rocklage role is to study life science aspects and work with entrepreneurs such as business executives, scientists, physicians in the life science line and to help them come up with potential drugs that can meet the many needs in the medical field.

For companies that hope to come up with solutions that can solve the healthcare needs then, 5 AM venture is the company to consult. The company uses modern techniques to prevent, diagnose and treat different medical problems and uses these advanced techniques to support start-ups. Read more:  Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

The company also has professionals in various fields that ensure businesses that partner with the firm are accorded the necessary help and managed well. The use of the hands on approach by Dr. Rocklage has helped 5 AM Venture succeed and invest in the right companies and opportunities.

What Inspires The Good Doctor

The recent advancement in cancer treatment excites the doctor, and he is happy that today’s cancer patient’s lives can be extended if not saved due to the use of new treatments that target specific mutations in cancer patients. He emphasizes that people play a great role in the success of businesses and advises entrepreneurs to look for individuals who can perform.

Scott is not afraid of taking calculated risks, and he attributes success to entrepreneurship. He is inspired by his favorite book Good to Great, and he is glad that he attended Massachusetts Institute of technology which gave him a foundation for his career.